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Is It A Bot? Shield Has The Answer

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Countless wo/man-hours have been spent in building technology to identify whether a visitor is a bot, or a human.

This is, afterall, what hCaptcha & Google reCAPTCHA are all about.  If you can separate human traffic from automated bots, then you’re most of the way towards thwarting bots.

But it’s just not easy to do.

The most effective tools we have available, CAPTCHAs and “I’m a human” checkboxes, drag the User Experience into the gutters, and integration into WordPress forms is a nightmare.

We set about to meet this challenge head-on for all WordPress site owners and the result is our AntiBot Detection Engine.

Introducing: Shield’s AntiBot Detection Engine

What does it do?

It distinguishes bad bots from all your other “good” traffic (humans + good bots)

Why is this important?

Shield can better detect bad bots and eliminate more bot traffic from your site, including comment SPAM, contact form SPAM, login/registration bots, and checkout bots.

If you can elminate bots, you can reduce their security impact on your site and resources.

How does it work?

In the simplest terms: all visitors get a “bot reputation score” and if they make a request that falls below the score, the request will be rejected.

How does Shield create a “bot score”?

Shield uses over 20 different signals to build a bot score for each IP address, including our unique “Not-Bot” system.

Shield adds SPAM protection to your Contact Forms!

Bot scores can be used for anything, including contact forms.  So we’ve integrated ShieldPRO into 9 of the most popular Contact Form providers, including:

When Is It Available and Where Can I Find Out More?!

This feature was released in our ShieldPRO version 11, so if you’re up to date with the plugin you have this feature activated!

If you want to watch the video or read the article to find out more, you can find it here.

Watch the Video / Read the Blog on the AnitBot Detection Engine

Take care and stay safe.

To get quick help and advice from your Shield community, jump into our Facebook group.

Until next time.
Paul and the team.

ShieldPRO Testimonials
@afruin's Gravatar @afruin

How is the best also the cheapest!?!?!

I have gone to great effort to find the best security period. That can be a daunting and impractical undertaking but after almost a year of testing I have settled on Shield Security. Not perfect, not simple, but simply the best I could find. I have only found one feature…

@indigobleu's Gravatar @indigobleu

It's the best and tried the rest

I tried most popular security products for my WordPress site and have had one problem after another. Simple Firewall worked the best, easy to configure even for a novice and didn’t take over unnecessary functions like the others did. You also don’t need a separate comment program when you have…

@optricsdavid's Gravatar @optricsdavid

Works well!

We use the plugin on all our WordPress sites and it works very well. We’ve tried a few before but this is the easiest and in our opinions – the best so far.

@barnabasnagy's Gravatar @barnabasnagy

Awesome plugin

The plugin works right out of the box and does make a good job protecting my wp sites. It even does two factor authentication which is really great. Support is provided in a timely manner. Overall very good experience so far. Recommended!

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