Shield Security PRO WordPress admin security featured image
July 12, 2024 by Paul G. | Security, WordPress Solutions

How to Secure Your WP Admin: Advanced Tips

Elevate WP admin security with expert hacks and ShieldPRO's cutting-edge tools to thwart advanced threats and simplify defences.

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Shield Security silentCAPTCHA bot detection technology feature image
July 11, 2024 by Paul G.

silentCAPTCHA: Quiet, Invisible CAPTCHA for WordPress Bots

silentCAPTCHA is Shield's bot detection solution, specific to WordPress sites. It replaces the need for Google reCAPTCHA or CloudFlare Turnstile for bots.

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Shield Security PRO WordPress user login history featured image.
July 10, 2024 by Paul G.

How to Track WordPress User Logins for Enhanced Site Security

Master WordPress security by monitoring user logins with ShieldPRO. Experience peace of mind with advanced tracking and brute force defence.

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ShieldNOTES Banner
July 8, 2024 by Paul G.

ShieldNOTES Ep#21: New Supply Chain Attack; Elementor Addon & WP Google Map Vulnerabilities; Hacker Security Guide

There's another supply chain attack with plugins affected.

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Shield Security PRO this account has been suspended Featured Image
July 8, 2024 by Paul G.

Getting Your Account Back: How to Overcome Website Suspensions

Having issues with account suspension? Discover how Shield Security PRO can help you secure your WordPress site and help you regain access efficiently.

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Shield Security PRO WordPress user passwords featured image.
July 5, 2024 by Paul G.

Expert Methods to Reset WordPress Passwords Securely

Discover secure WordPress password reset methods, including Shield Security PRO's features for maximum site safety. Reset with confidence!

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ShieldNOTES Banner
July 1, 2024 by Paul G.

ShieldNOTES Ep#20: Supply Chain Attack; ACF & CF7 Vulnerabilities; Password Security

Last week saw a serious supply chain attack on the plugin repository. All plugin committer accounts have had a forced password reset and all new plugin releases were paused.

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Shield Security PRO Mastering Website Performance and Security Feature Graphic
June 26, 2024 by Paul G.

Maximising Your Website’s Performance While Ensuring Top-Notch Security

Learn how to optimise your website's performance while ensuring top-notch security. Practical tips and techniques for a fast, secure online presence.

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ShieldNOTES Banner
June 24, 2024 by Paul G.

ShieldNOTES Ep#19: Recurring Vulnerability + Severely Critical + Monitor WP Activity

This week, 1 plugin stands out due to its recurring vulnerability, alongside plugins with high severity issues that may need attention.

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Shield Security PRO WordPress password policy featured image
June 21, 2024 by Paul G.

How to Boost WordPress Security with Strong Password Policies

Elevate your WordPress site’s security with ShieldPRO’s powerful password policies and bot protection. Say goodbye to password woes!

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