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Then there's our Enterprise-Class Bad Bot Protection.

Bad Bots brute force your WordPress login.
Bad Bots infect you with malware, then exploit it.
Bad Bots find vulnerabilities, and then exploit them.

We live and breathe Bad Bot Protection, so you don't have to.

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Global Shield Stats Summary

How Shield is protecting WordPress sites all over the globe

Login Blocks
Firewall Blocks
Malicious Bots Blocked
Fake Google/Search Bots
IPs Blocked
IP Offenses
Bot Trigger: 404s
Bot: Failed Logins
Bot: Username Probing
Bot: Probing
NotBot Verified
ShieldPRO Is The Only Security Solution Built To Work Seamlessly With All Of These:
Logo: Yoast SEO
Logo: Gravity Forms
Logo: Advanced Custom Fields
Logo: MainWP
Logo: Contact Form 7
Logo: WPML
Logo: Ninja Forms
Logo: WPForms
Logo: BuddyPress
Logo: Woocommerce
Logo: Elementor PRO
Logo: Formidable Forms
Logo: Elegant Themes

PRO Security That Has Your Back

ShieldPRO is accessible to everyone.
It gives you a toolkit with everything you need to expertly secure your site, without being a security expert.

ShieldPRO isn't about security alerts. We're all tired of those.
Instead, Shield does most of the heavy lifting for you, so you can get back to focusing on the work you love to do.

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Advanced Password Policies

Harden User Passwords - A Common Source Of Account Hacking

Advanced WP-CLI Integration

Use The WordPress CLI To Automate Tasks and Accelerate Deployment

Add-On: Forminator + Shield Integration

Block Malicious Bots On Forminator Forms

Login Backup Codes

Let Users Regain Access To Their Accounts If They Lose Their 2FA Device(s)

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Powerful security Scanners

Security Needn’t Be So Hard – Let Shield Do All The Work With Its Powerful Scanners

The Exclusive Vulnerability Scanner, does all the hard work, letting you get on with your own work.

It’ll alert to vulnerable plugins and themes, and automatically upgrade them for you.

Of course, it’ll leave you in peace and alert you only when it needs to.

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Grow your business

Instantly Expand Your Team with Shield’s Own Security Experts

Going Pro brings the expertise of the Shield Team alongside your team.

You have a wealth of documentation ready at your finger tips, and further guidance is just an email away any time you need it.

Whatever you need, Shield’s support team has your back every step of the way, with guidance and advice.

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Safe and secure

Sleep Easy Knowing Your Plugins Are Safe From Tampering

The exclusive Plugins/Themes scanner will detect all changes to your files at any time of the day or night.

Shield lets you to instantly re-install suspect plugins using guided wizards that make recovery easy.

Never be caught unawares again by plugin hacks that go unnoticed for months.

peace Icon
peace of mind

Discovering Intrusions As They Happen, Helps You Rediscover Your Peace Of Mind

The longer an intrusion remains undetected, the greater the potential for harm.
Half the battle in a security breach is knowing about it. If you wait 24hrs before you’re alerted, it’s probably already be too late.
Shield Pro can increase frequency to scan your files as often as every hour, with near-realtime scanning coming soon.

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Automation for your website

Easy Automatic Setup Of New Sites With Options Import/Export

Setting up new WordPress sites from scratch is a time-consuming task.
With Shield Pro, you can import options from any other site in just a few seconds.
Spend less time securing your sites, and more time building them.

Shield Is Long Established And Well Respected

Your Long-Term Security Partner

WordPress site admins trust Shield Security to deliver on its promise of protecting your site.

With millions of downloads and the rating per download of any security plugin, why haven’t you tried Shield yet?


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