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Detect and Block Human SPAM

Detect Human SPAM and Maintain Privacy

Comment SPAM posted by human actors is notoriously difficult to detect, but Shield's evolving dictionary-based detection will help you filter out the good from the bad.

Note also that, unlike Akismet, Shield never sends comment spam data to our servers for processing.

Most SPAM is automatic, by bots, but sometimes Humans also post comments to your WordPress site and these bypass Bot Detection rules. When this happens, you can scan the content for keywords that are typical of SPAM and let the Shield block such comment for you automatically.

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These features all work together to block comment SPAM appearing on your website. There's no need for any extra comment SPAM plugins.

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Visitor Safety

These features relate to how your site visitors are better protected and where your dedication to security builds trust.

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All features included with ShieldFREE WordPress plugin

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