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Crash-Proof Secure WordPress Hosting with Convesio: Why We Switched

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We’re excited to announce that Shield Security PRO has made a shift in its WordPress hosting, choosing services provided by Convesio

This transition is a move towards a hosting solution that aligns with Shield Security PRO’s core philosophy: prioritising innovation for tangible improvement rather than differentiation. Central to this decision is the shared commitment to putting security at the forefront of operations.

In this article, we want to share with you the intricacies of this switch, including Convesio’s approach to site stability and its unwavering dedication to protected cyber defences!

Why we chose Convesio for secure WordPress hosting 

Before this transition, Shield Security PRO had been managing hosting entirely on Amazon Web Services (AWS), using Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Remote Database Services (RDS). This meant assuming complete control over server management, uptime, updates, scaling, performance, security, and configuration. 

While this offered a high degree of customisation, it also demanded significant time and effort, diverting valuable resources from Shield Security PRO’s core activities. Combined with the benefit of autonomy that self-hosting provides, and our apprehension of the reliability of external hosting services, we delayed switching our hosting for a long time. This is where Convesio came in and changed that.

Convesio’s cutting-edge technology for crash-proof hosting

Convesio first caught our attention by word-of-mouth from another plugin developer who had migrated to their platform. Intrigued, we looked into what Convesio had to offer and were immediately impressed by their approach to WordPress hosting, centred around Docker containers:

  • Docker: Convesio uses Docker Container, an open platform for developing, shipping, and running applications. In the context of hosting, Docker allows for creating isolated environments, or “containers,” which include all the necessary components to run a website or application. This means that regardless of the server’s configuration, everything needed to operate the application is contained within the Docker container.
  • Containers: These containers provide an isolated environment where the application can run independently of the underlying infrastructure. They encapsulate the application and its dependencies, ensuring consistency and portability across different environments.

The use of Docker containers by Convesio was different from traditional hosting approaches and demonstrated uniquely some lateral thinking an industry which is otherwise very homogenous: web hosting. By being the first to introduce containerised hosting to the WordPress market, Convesio showed us a commitment to innovation rather than simply following the crowd or resorting to gimmicks.

At Shield Security PRO, we believe in designing and implementing security protection based on their real-world effectiveness, rather than just popular industry trends. Our commitment to security measures such as bad-bot blocking, FileLocker, AI Malware Scanning, CrowdSec integration, and 2FA passkeys is reflected in Convesio’s dedication to solutions that actually enhance the hosting experience in unique and beneficial ways.

How Convesio’s Docker containers enhance WordPress security

One of the main security benefits of Convesio’s hosting platform lies in its use of these Docker containers. Each WordPress site hosted on Convesio is deployed within its own fully isolated container, ensuring that it operates independently of other websites on the server. This isolation significantly reduces the potential for cross-infection between websites, a vulnerability commonly associated with shared hosting environments.

This approach is a complete contrast to traditional hosting providers that rely on shared servers, where security risks affecting one site can easily spread to others. With Convesio, users are shielded from vulnerabilities present in other sites, and any issues within their hosting environment are contained, preventing inadvertent problems for other websites. 

Convesio goes the extra mile by providing extra security measures. They help users set up security protocols, conduct security audits, and offer 24/7 malware monitoring. They have also shown dedication to collaboration and improvement by actively working with Shield Security PRO to enhance their own customers security.

Switching to Convesio: Features we like and what we think so far 

We don’t rush into things, which is why we took the time to test Convesio for several weeks before officially making the switch. Our experience during this trial period left us thoroughly impressed, resulting in a confident transition of our WordPress hosting to Convesio.

One of the best features of Convesio is its performance. Since migrating to Convesio, our website’s speed and responsiveness have undoubtedly improved. 

GTmetrics result for Shield Security PRO showing “C” grade.

An indicator of this improvement is the rating given by GTmetrix, an industry-standard speed testing service. Before the switch, our site received a C rating, but post-migration, we managed to achieve an A, reflecting the substantial enhancement in performance.

GTmetrics result for Shield Security PRO showing “A” grade.

Convesio’s security features further enhanced its appeal to us. With enterprise-level DDoS protection powered by Cloudflare, our website is shielded from the debilitating effects of malicious attacks. The inclusion of Cloudflare’s Web Application Firewall adds an additional layer of defence, protecting our site against a number of cyber threats.

Another one of the most impressive aspects of Convesio is its auto-scaling capabilities. By offering both vertical and horizontal scaling options, Convesio ensures that each website receives the resources it requires precisely when it’s needed, without requiring manual intervention. This resource allocation guarantees peak performance even during periods of high traffic, effectively creating a crash-proof website.

Another thing we loved about the switch was the personalised 24/7 expert support for your WordPress site. Unlike traditional support, which might point you toward a faceless email account or a phone number to an endless hold line, Convesio offered us a dedicated Slack channel connecting us directly with their hosting team. This transparent and personalised approach ensured swift responses and knowledgeable assistance for each and every enquiry!

Our experience with Convesio has so far exceeded our expectations. With an effortless migration process, offering a hassle-free transition with white-glove migration services included, it was a no-brainer to switch. With guaranteed uptime and no data loss, the migration to Convesio was completely stress-free.

Convesio: A step towards a secure, scalable future

Convesio represents more than just a hosting provider – for us, it was a way to an even more secure, scalable future. Switching to Convesio represents a shift from self-management to entrusting our website to a reliable partner. We’re excited to hand over our website to Convesio, and would encourage WordPress users looking for a secure and reliable hosting provider to consider the same.

With its Docker container infrastructure, fast commitment to security, and accessible, transparent, and personalised support, Convesio is the perfect choice for those wanting peace of mind and a foundation for sustained growth.

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