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New: File Scanning Integration with Yoast SEO Premium Plugin

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We’re absolutely thrilled to annouce support for one of the most popular WordPress plugins available – Yoast SEO Premium. With the generous work and support of Joost’s team, ShieldPRO is fully integrated with, and supports file scanning of, all Yoast SEO premium plugins.

This was made possible with their efforts to build out support for our open platform. is our initiative to provide an open, secure, clean, and fast API for accessing the checksums/hashes for all WordPress plugins and themes. already provides checksums for its official WordPress Core releases, but we wanted to build access to the checksums for all WordPress assets.

In order to build these checksums for plugins and themes, you need access to the official files. For premium plugins, this is a challenge and requires the cooperation from the respective developers.

We count ourselves fortunate to now have the support of plugin developers for some of the biggest WordPress plugins you can buy.

Just last week we also announced support for the WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML) in the WPHashes API (and our ShieldPRO plugin), too.

What Plugins Does ShieldPRO / Support?

At the time of writing, we’ve now integrated with:

Is Your Favourite Premium Plugin/Theme Not On The List?

We’re always reaching out to other developers and organisations to integrate their plugins into our WPHashes API.

If there is one that you’d like to see, please use your influence as a customer of theirs to prompt them to work with us and contribute to the WPHashes project.

It’s completely free for them to do and we’ll do the work to build the integration on our side.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions for us, please do let us know.

ShieldPRO Testimonials
@margaretcortez's Gravatar @margaretcortez

Shield WordPress Security plugin

Glad to have someone on board who really understands web security — especially since I don’t — at all. Thanks for keeping it simple for us web designers who are really not that interested in programming and coding, etc. This plugin helps a lot.

@captzeanie2016's Gravatar @captzeanie2016

Works great

A very good plugin

@geotex's Gravatar @geotex

Great plugin, super support

I have the pro version installed on 2 sites. One has been continually under attack. thanks to this plugin, I have been able to see where they are coming from, as well as stop all attempts except one probably due to an old theme no longer supported by it’s author.…

@lorenzocoffee's Gravatar @lorenzocoffee

Work well on WPmu

Work well on WPmu ( only super Admin dash x setting, so no need to run after any site, many solution to stop, redirect and sort maliciuos, and not, visits

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