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Added: Support for Scanning Smart Slider 3 Pro

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A couple of weeks ago we let you know of our exciting new development around the scanning of Premium Plugins and Themes.

With Shield Pro 8.5, we introduced our first plugin partnership: Advanced Custom Fields PRO.

This collaboration lets Shield scan Advanced Custom Fields PRO files for tampering, helping ensure your WordPress installations stay clean.

We’ve since reached out to other premium plugin developers to get them onboard and build upon our initial success.

Responses have been mixed – some developers jump at the opportunity (as you’ll see below) and some want nothing to do with it, oddly enough.

Today we’re announcing 2 more premium plugin integrations that we’ve just added to our API!

New: Smart Slider 3 Pro & Social Login Pro

One of the developers we reached out to were those behind Smart Slider 3 Pro. Their response was exactly what we were hoping for – curious and enthusiastic.

Roland, the lead developer behind this plugin, and I chatted about what exactly we’re looking to achieve, and outlined what we’d need from them to get it working. And within a week or so, we had everything we needed and it worked flawlessly.

We implemented their API within a few hours and pushed this to our live WPHashes.com platform, a short while ago.

Our WPHashes.com API now supports the following 2 premium plugins:

Want to see your favourite Pro plugin in our API?

The effort to integrate with premium plugin developers is quite low, the hard part is getting the message across of what we’re trying to achieve, and getting buy-in.

If a developer can provide us with an API endpoint (secured however they want it to be), we can build an integration and push it live quite quickly.

And as soon as it’s live, all WordPress sites using our Checksum/Hashing API immediately get the benefits, and another little corner of the WordPress ecosystem is protected with our checksum scanning.

If there’s a premium plugin or theme you’d like to see on our API, then please do reach out to them. You could link them to this article, or our original introductory article so that they know what you’re referring to.

The more requests that come from their legitimate customer, the more likely they’ll want to get involved. We will continue to do our part in building those links and relationships.

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ShieldPRO Testimonials
@infraredsalv's Gravatar @infraredsalv

Does what it says on the tin

Great little plugin, easy to use and does exactly what it says on the tin. Went from an “F” rating on securityheaders.io to a “B” straight out the box and to an “A” rating with very minimal tweaks. Be interested to know if you’re looking to implement the ‘Strict-Transport-Security’ header…

@rsleventhal's Gravatar @rsleventhal

Truly a great plugin

I’ve never been happier with a plugin that does what it advertises, provides great support and asks for nothing in return but the truth in a review. Thank you, devs, for a wealth of much needed protection!

@normsash's Gravatar @normsash

Could this replace multiple plugins?

Update: Things are still looking great with Shield! On all of my sites I have traditionally used a combination of plugins to enforce security and hack protection. Recently I’ve been testing out Shield to see if I could replace all/most of my traditional plugins with just Shield. So far, things…

@doc-savage's Gravatar @doc-savage


Simple, does what it claims,well designed and no bloat. I use it on all of my sites. Continue to be awesome guys! 🙂 Best regards, Doc

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