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WordPress Email Two-Factor Authentication With Auto-Login Links

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We’ve been providing email-based two-factor authentication (2FA) for a looong time. And recently we’ve received some feedback about the placing of a direct-login link within the email that is sent out.

How Shield’s Two-Factor Authentication Portal Works

With the portal you’re prompted to enter any or all of your 2FA codes to confirm your login. If you have turned on email-based 2FA and “Enable Auto-Login Links” option, then you’ll get an email with both the code you need, and also a link.

There are 2 points to note:

  1. the two-factor portal has a 5 minute window. If you miss it, you have to start your login from scratch.
  2. the auto-login link can only ever be used once
Auto-Login Links Option For Simple Email 2FA
Auto-Login Links Option For Simple Email 2FA

If email is your 2nd factor and you click a link received in 2FA verification email, it’ll log you straight into the site automatically.

Email 2FA Verification Code and Autologin Link
Email 2FA Verification Code and Autologin Link

Auto-Login Links is a convenient feature that simplifies the login process for the all users who have Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) by email enabled for their user login.

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ShieldPRO Testimonials
@thenazman's Gravatar @thenazman

Works great

Simple to instal and works well. I particularly like the fact you don’t get annoying emails every day (such as with Wordfence).

@islambangla's Gravatar @islambangla

Excellent Plugin

Very Excellent Plugin for Security reasons, I hope this service lifetime running, thanks for your best plugin.

@wpcodelearner's Gravatar @wpcodelearner

Really Excellent !

It offer more than you expect from a security plugin. What other should you want?

@teunbakker's Gravatar @teunbakker

Great plug-in so far

I came from Wordfence (they’ve changed their focus), and was looking for a good security plug-in that woudl also allow two-step-authentication (2FA) as an extra security measure during login. Enter Shield: So far it’s worked completely worry-free and 2FA works great with google authenticator. Highly recommended.

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