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ShieldNOTES Ep#10: How We Host Our Site, Forminator XSS and CSS Email Phishing

Today’s items are a mix of many different topics we felt you’d find interesting.

#1 – Forminator XSS Vulnerability

Not the highest severity, but upgrade asap.

How will I know I’m okay?
Upgrade Forminator to v1.29.3+

What about Forminator SPAM?
If you want to cut down on SPAM in your Forminator forms, consider using ShieldPRO’s bot-blocking feature. It’s a simple checkbox in your settings.

Editor Comment
We say it each week, but it’s important – please use ShieldPRO’s auto-upgrade feature for vulnerable plugins.

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#2 – Shield Security Now Hosted with Convesio

You may have noticed how fast Shield’s website is running, recently.

What did we do?
We were managing our site hosting in-house. We just migrated to Convesio.

Why did we move?
We trialled with them for a couple of weeks and after experiencing their stellar support, we couldn’t resist 🙂

Not only that, their hosting technology is top-notch, and we take hosting quality, security and performance seriously.

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#3 – Email Phishing on HTML Emails using CSS

We wanted to share with you an interesting and altogether clever means of hiding phishing emails within HTML emails.

What’s The Issue?
Attackers can embed phishing content within HTML emails that are only displayed to recipients of the forwarded email.

How Can I Stay Safe?
The rule is always, always remain vigilant. Even if you receive an email from someone you trust, don’t mindless click links within it (it’s easily done!). Take a moment and review the content, and if you’re in doubt, browse to the purpoted website yourself, without using the link provided in email.

Stay vigilant!

Editor Comment
We’re sharing this to remind our members that security and risks are always evolving and the best defense is to try and remain hyper vigilant, particularly of your emails & SMS. Anything that is sent to you should be suspect.

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Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful week!

Paul Goodchild
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