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5 Steps To Better Protect Your Personal Information When Giving Online

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Holidays always seem to put people in a giving mood, it’s a time of reflection for the blessings you have and the needs of others start to stand out more. This is such a beautiful time, but there are people out there who take advantage of the kind hearts who want to give online.

If you plan to be one of those generous people be sure to follow these simple steps so that your information remains safe and your identity secure.

The first step is to check online for the charity you want to give to.

Make sure they are legitimate and that their information online matches what is listed on the BBB’s website at, Charity Navigator at, or GuideStar at before giving them your credit card number or any other personal information.

Second, be sure to use a secure connection when making your online donation.

This means looking for “HTTPS” in the web address bar and not just “WWW.” The ‘S’ stands for secure.

Third, double-check that you are on the official website of the charity before entering in any payment information.

Sometimes thieves create websites that look very similar to the real thing so it’s important to make sure you’re on the right page before typing in your credit card number or bank account information.

Fourth, never give out your Social Security number or passwords.

Over email or phone call solicitations from charities will seem real and kind, but they play on your emotions to gather this information from you then they’ll use It for their own benefit. Legitimate organizations will never ask for this type of personal information upfront.

And finally, never click on links in emails or online ads that claim to be from charities asking you for donations.

If the charity really needs your information they will contact you directly. Cybercriminals are constantly creating new scams so it’s important to educate yourself online at which gives detailed instructions about protecting against identity theft and protecting personal information online.

The holidays need not be a stressful time, but keep in mind cybercriminals know that many of us use our credit cards to buy gifts and donate money during this season. Cyber thieves will try to take advantage of the chaos by sending out fake emails or posting links on social media. These thieves want your personal information so they can steal from you later. Be sure to give smartly so that you can better protect yourself against these bad guys, even if you forgot about them until now!

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@shiyashamsu's Gravatar @shiyashamsu

The security expert !!

I was tired of blocking automated login attempts and bruteforce attacks. When IP blocking/locking out is not effective when IP spoofing attacks takes place, Simple Security Firewall has its options to block these kind of automated attacks. I love it !!

@b2marketing's Gravatar @b2marketing

Works like a oiled machine!

I have not had a problem with this and stops hackers like nothing else. Easy to use and relative lightweight and support and documentation is great. Highly recommended!!

@webpro360's Gravatar @webpro360

Great plugin

Have used Shield Security for WordPress now for many years on several dozen websites. I’ve always been very happy with its ease and effectiveness. Highly recommend this plugin for your WordPress site’s security.

@dtcfl123's Gravatar @dtcfl123

Security Shield Works

I saw one bad review; user said it was difficult or impossible to use. IT IS A COMPREHENSIVE SECURITY PLUGIN with LOTS of settings. Of course it can be difficult, but the default settings let you use it without much thought (or experience). I can’t believe that this plugin is…

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