Shield Security

Payment Security and Refunds

Payment & Card Security

Entrusting payment details to any organisation in 2024 is an important decision.

We don’t expect you to take this decision lightly.

And we’ll be upfront with you – we’re not suited to handle your credit card details. It’s a huge responsibility with in-depth regulations and requirements.

So we don’t handle payment details. Ever.

Instead we entrust all payments to our primary credit card processor: Stripe

Stripe is long-established payment processor, and any payment details you provide are sent directly to them and handled only by them – we never receive any of it.

To process your payment, they send us an “ID” that we can use to charge the card you’ve provided to them.

If you have disputes with a payment, we always prefer that you come directly to us to discuss it, but they adhere to all international credit card procedures for customers, so you can rest assured that you’re protected.

Refund Policy

We simply want you to be absolutely delighted with your purchase.

We understand that sometimes you buy something and it’s not quite what you thought it was.

We’ll refund any purchase, no questions asked, within 14 days of a purchase.

If it’s after 14 days, or it’s a renewal/upgrade, please contact us to chat about it.

Full details of our refund policy are outlined here, while legal Terms and Conditions are outlined here.

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