Shield Security

Refund & Pricing Policy

We believe in the power and security protection that Shield Security delivers to WordPress websites, and we stand behind it.

We’re confident that when you upgrade to ShieldPRO you’ll be delighted with it.

We offer a no-risk refund guarantee, so that if at any point within the first 14 days of opening your premium account with us, you decide that ShieldPRO isn’t for you, then you can simply request a refund and you’ll get it straight away.

When a refund is issued, your ShieldPRO subscription will be cancelled, and your premium plugin status revoked.

There are a couple of exceptions, where refunds wont be issued or an incomplete refund will be provided:

  • Shield Security Support plan
    If you’ve sent at least 1 ticket to our support team and received a reply, refunds will no longer be available for purchases of the Shield Support plan.
  • License renewals
    We always send out 2x automatic renewal reminders to your registered email address, 14 days and 1 day prior to renewal.
    It is also your responsibility to ensure your registered email address is current and valid.
  • 14-Day Trial Demo
    Refunds are not available for the demo/trial version of ShieldPRO
  • Large Bulk-Purchases
    We assume the cost of credit card charges when you puchase a subscription. If you intend to purchase ShieldPRO in-bulk, any subsequent refund may not include these fees that we’ve incurred. We offer a free trial to test the system before you purchase, and strongly advise you take that opportunity to test ShieldPRO before buying in-bulk.
  • Repeat Refunds
    If you purchase ShieldPRO, then request a refund, and then follow-up with a 2nd purchase after the refund, we may not issue your refund, or deduct a discretionary refund processing fee.

All of these items convered in-full, along with other details, in our Terms and Conditions – see our refund Refund policy in-full.

Policies for Discounts and Renewals

From time to time you may see discounts available for some of our premium services.

The following restrictions apply:

  • Discounts are only ever applied to the first billing period and aren’t applicable to renewals.
  • Discounts, unless otherwise stated, are single-use per customer.
  • If you make a purchases without a discount and within 24hrs of this purchase a public available discount is released, you may request a partial refund of the difference. (this doesn’t apply to Black Friday discounts).

Grandfather Pricing Policy

From time to time our public pricing may change.

We promise to never increase the cost of your active subscriptions, even when the public pricing increases for whichever plan you have previously purchased.

This is called “grandfathered” pricing – the pricing for your current, active plan will never change.

However, we reserve the right to refuse grandfathered pricing to customers when:

  • they cancel their subscription and fail to renew it within 30 days of expiration.
  • an existing subscription lapses due to failed payment within 10 days.
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