Shield Security

How Does Shield Security Stand Up To The Competition

Shield Security is powerful WordPress security solution.

It provides many, many features that aren’t even considered by most WordPress security plugins.

Why these features and solutions aren’t part of other security plugins can be down to any number of reasons, some of which include…

They’re Complex Solutions

Security is complex. Automated, smart solutions are hard to build.

It often requires months of sustained development and research, trial and error, testing and delivery. It’s hard work. And that’s only for the first version, there are always improvements to be made.

They’re Difficult To Market

Many of these solutions are difficult to describe and relay to potential clients. So it’s hard to market it to the consumer of the feature, why bother with it?

This mindset is prevalent when the motivation is money, not security.

They’re Innovative

We’ve thought long and hard about our work and the features we build. We’re trying to automate security to be smarter, as much as possible. This requires out-of-box thinking, and that’s not trivial.

We’re a small team, so it’s easier to pivot and change direction easily. We don’t have to ask permission from our line manager to work on an idea or project. We just try it, and if it’s working, we pursue it further.

We’re Not A Me-Too Security Solution

We often get asked, “Why don’t you have Geo IP Blocking? Wordfence has it!”.

Because Geo IP blocking is nearly a complete waste of resources. You’re attempting to block access to a site based the visitor location (which isn’t always accurate for several reasons), instead of characteristics of the visitor itself.

We don’t build features because other plugins have them, but because we see the effectiveness of them. If we did that, we wouldn’t have Shield’s FileLocker, CrowdSec, or AI Malware Scanning.

If you want a “Me-Too” plugin that gives you easily marketable security features, with a UI you like, you’ll need to pick another WordPress security solution.

Shield Competitor Analysis

We’re building this list of competitor analyses so please stay tuned as it grows.

Wordfence Premium vs ShieldPRO (and ShieldFREE)

iThemes Pro vs ShieldPRO (and ShieldFREE)

Sucuri Pro Basic vs Shield Security Pro (and ShieldFREE)

Stay tuned for more as they arrive…

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