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WP Shield Security Pro – Release 7.3

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This brand new release of Shield Security Pro brings more advanced rules for detecting and blocking bad bots on your site.

You’ll be able to set exactly how Shield will react to behaviour that could be considered suspicious. We’ve provided 7 rules which reflect behaviours that bad bots exhibit and when they’re repeated often enough, point to a bad bot on your site.

We’ve outlined these new rules in our Bot Signals and Bot MouseTrap

In summary, however, the rules can’t be taken alone as indicators of bad bots because sometimes legitimate users perform the same actions.

But, bad bots will often repeat these actions (as will users in some cases) and it’s through repeating these actions that we can gain a sense that the visitor is likely a bot and is there for no good.

Bot Signals: Free vs Pro Shield Security

In this particular release all the options are of course available for Shield Pro customers. However, we’ve provided one of these options for our free clients.

The particular option for free users is catching failed logins. This activity was previously monitored by Shield before 7.3 but we hadn’t provided a configuration option for it. Now it’s there, along with all the other rules.

This new set of features is just one of the examples of the huge list of extra features that come with your Pro upgrade. Not only do get the satisfaction of supporting the ongoing develop of Shield Security, but you get all the exclusive features and direct access to our support team.

Comments and Suggestions

We’ve kept this release announcements short and sweet because we’ve covered the major upgrade feature in detail, in other articles.

Please leave suggestions in the comments below and thank you as always for your support.

ShieldPRO Testimonials
@wealthwind's Gravatar @wealthwind

Very good security plugin!

I like the plugin’s features and how it works. Well done, guys!

@kundrolpawo's Gravatar @kundrolpawo

Great plugin

I haven’t used all features but I especially like that it changes the wordpress log in URL. This has removed all the spam log in attempts.

@chajadesign's Gravatar @chajadesign

Solid plugin with great support

I have been using the pro plugin for some time and appreciate the continuous development to improve the UI of the plugin and implementing new features. The support is committed to find even the strangest issue such as an out of sync server timestamp which made the google authenticator not…

@afruin's Gravatar @afruin

How is the best also the cheapest!?!?!

I have gone to great effort to find the best security period. That can be a daunting and impractical undertaking but after almost a year of testing I have settled on Shield Security. Not perfect, not simple, but simply the best I could find. I have only found one feature…

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