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Increase Protection With More Frequent Scans For Shield Security

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Shield Security has 2 file system scanners. One scanner detects changes to WordPress core files. While the other find files in your core folders that shouldn’t be there.

These scanners run automatically each night and together they ensure that your WordPress Core is in mint condition.

But 24hrs is a long time to go without checking on these core files, and we feel there is scope to run these scanners more often for more critical sites.

Automatically Run File Scanners Up To 24 Times Each Day

With the latest release of Shield Security for WordPress we’ve added the option to run these scanners much more often.

The default schedule is once every 24hrs, but now you’ll be able to run them at the following intervals:

  • 1 hour – 24 times per day
  • 2 hours – 12 times per day
  • 3 hours – 8 times per day
  • 4 hours – 6 times per day
  • 6 hours – 4 times per day
  • 8 hours – 3 times per day
  • 12 hours – 2 times per day
  • 24 hours – 1 time per day

A lot can happen in a 24hr period and the sooner you get on top of any file corruption or intrusion, the better.

Each scan takes barely a few seconds to run and so the performance penalty is absolutely tiny. With this level of flexibility, you are are free to test and tweak as you need to, to find the optimal setting for your sites.

Shield Security: Scanner Frequency Option

Shield Security: Scanner Frequency Option

How To Set The Scanner Frequency

Changing your scanner frequency is easy to do.

Take a quick look at the screenshot – it outlines where the option can be found. It’s under the main section for the Hack Protection module.

Simply select the frequency you’d like for the scan, and click to Save.

How To Get The Scanner Scheduler

These options are available from Shield Security v6.2.0 onwards.

Increasing the schedule of the automated scanners so they run more than once per day is a premium feature and only available to Pro subscribers.

This, along with all the other great features that come with Shield Pro makes it the perfect choice for professionals. These extra features are for those serious about protecting their WordPress sites, and keeping them protected, day-in-day-out.

Your purchase of Shield Pro is a much appreciated contribution to the ongoing development of the Shield Security platform.

ShieldPRO Testimonials
@nosilver4u's Gravatar @nosilver4u

amazing security plugin

All the features you could ever want to protect your site, and just discovered there’s more I haven’t seen. Keeps getting better and better!

@webmastermd's Gravatar @webmastermd

All you can imagine

Pro is worth it’s money. You get all you can imagine. My favorite is the E-Mail 2FA combined with custom branding and the custom login url.

@jdcohan's Gravatar @jdcohan

Picked up when GASP started failing

After Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin stopped working, I replaced it with WordPress Simple Firewall. In the 13 days since, WPSF trapped 301 spam comments, missing none. I’m a convert.

@zazkia's Gravatar @zazkia

it does what it should do

Very stable and good support!

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