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How to Detect and Repair Malware

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If you manage a WordPress site you’ve probably been there: a concerned email from your client, a red screen, a redirect, a crashed site. This isn’t’ fun, to say the least. If only there was a way to easily protect your site and automatically remove any issues as soon as they are found.

Luckily, we have the perfect solution for all your WordPress malware and security issues.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on Shield you’ll have seen ShieldFREE and ShieldPRO now comes with a powerful Malware scanner. Its efficiency and proven results lead us to believe that Shield Security is one of the best malware detection, repair, and removal plugins for WordPress.

What can Shield’s malware scanner do?

Simply put, Shield’s malware scanner will examine every single PHP file on your site. If there’s code in there that could be malicious, it gets flagged. You can schedule the scanner to run, remove, and repair files automatically as often as every hour.

Shield looks to the original file as it’s found on, it then compares the file on your site with that original file. If the file contents are the same, then we mark the file as “legitimate” (i.e. not malware) and remove it from the scan results. This means that Shield will never flag up a WordPress core file as having malware if the contents match the original WordPress content.

But this can create a problem – you see, normal, clean code can also look like malware, but be perfectly okay. So the challenge isn’t in finding malware-code, but in distinguishing between code that is safe, and code that isn’t.

With each upgrade of Shield, we’ve made the scanner smarter each time at doing exactly that, so you spend less time dealing with false-positive results.

We’re hugely excited about the power available with this scanner. We’ve put together an article on all the major enhancements we’ve made to the scanner: Read about Shield’s malware scanner enhancements here.

With the ShieldFREE plugin you get basic access to the scanner, but to access its full features you’d want to upgrade to ShieldPRO.

We offer a week free trial, no credit card required, and plans starting at less than $7/month! You can find a full list of our ShieldFREE and ShieldPRO features here:

If you have further questions about anything in particular here just shoot us a message or leave a comment on this post!

To get quick help and advice from your Shield community, jump into our Facebook group.

Until next time.
Paul and the team.

ShieldPRO Testimonials
@xerious's Gravatar @xerious

Best Security that I’ve used!

Securing multiple websites with program after using a few other popular programs and this is so much better and very easy to understand and use. I highly recommend this and the pro version is such a deal! Thank you to the entire team for such a great program!

@iamrizal's Gravatar @iamrizal

Nice plugin

Very easy to use

@britishchronicle's Gravatar @britishchronicle

Wonderful Security Plugin

I can’t praise this plugin highly enough. It really is outstanding – and EXTREMELY well thought out. It handles brute force attacks, bots, WordPress vulnerabilities, and many others I can’t even remember. I really think it’s a tremendous plugin, and if you use WordPress I don’t think there’s better security…

@aleks1217's Gravatar @aleks1217

Great for eCommerce site

I installed WP Simple Firewall because it has all of the auditing and security features needed for my eCommerce site. It is a robust firewall plugin — it took a little to understand all the features, but support is incredibly responsive to resolving any issues.

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