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Mistake #2- Reduce the Overload and Keep Your WordPress Website Clean

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WordPress security is important to think about. When you install wordpress on your site, it comes with a built-in firewall that helps protect against malicious attacks, but usually, that’s not enough so you’d probably install a tool such as our Shield Security Free or Pro plugin. However, any unused themes or plugins will make your wordpress vulnerable. This blog post is going to go over 10 different ways to clean up and secure your wordpress site!

10 Tips and Tricks to Reduce Overload and Secure Your WordPress Website:

  1. Delete any unused themes or plugins from your wordpress site in order to clean it up and reduce vulnerabilities from attacks on your site’s security.
  2. Deactivate all unused themes and plugins instead of just deleting them so they’re still available if you ever need them again.
  3. Remove spam comments that are clogging up your site and taking up valuable server space.
  4. If you have any inactive users, delete their accounts to clean up your wordpress site.
  5. Review the wordpress security settings on your website and make sure they’re as tight as possible.
  6. Update wordpress, themes, and plugins regularly so that you’re using the latest versions which come with security enhancements.
  7. Use a caching plugin to help speed up your website – this will not only improve user experience but also SEO performance.
  8. Minimize the use of third-party scripts (such as social media sharing buttons) on your wordpress site as these can slow it down and make it more vulnerable to hacking.
  9. Optimize your wordpress site for web performance by compressing images, minifying CSS and JavaScript files, enabling browser caching, etc. so that your website loads faster which is great for SEO purposes – install a wordpress backup plugin such as BackWPup (all plans) or VaultPress (paid plan).
  10. It’s also important to review wordpress setup and make sure there isn’t any room for improvement

There’s a lot in this list, we know. That’s why we’ve included a checklist in our Free or Pro version with links to the settings you need to have for securing your site and applying most of the optimization listed above.

ShieldPRO Testimonials
@mugwumpr's Gravatar @mugwumpr

Simple yet comprehensive and effective

It does what it says it does, no muss, no fuss, no hidden “gotchas” anywhere. If only all plugins could be this open and straightforward. Thanks! The banner is proudly displayed on my site and I hope you get lots of visitors through it. You deserve it. :oD

@jimmargraphics's Gravatar @jimmargraphics


To the authors of this plugin: THANK YOU. This is a premium plugin that doesn’t cost a dime. It’s included with every WP site that I build.

@tbebicom's Gravatar @tbebicom

الاضافة اكثر من رائعة

بعد تجربة العديد من اضافات الحماية تعتبر هذه الاضافة مميزة في توفير الجدار الناري وحظر التعليقات المزعجة بجانب تسجيل الدخول عن طريق التحقق بخطوتين + كابتشا وغيرها من الميزات الاخرى

@bishless's Gravatar @bishless

Great functionality

Great features, done well. I really dig the email notifications for certain actions I want to log.

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