Shield Security

What Is My IP Address?

This Is Your IP Address

Use this IP address to help Shield Security determine the best source for your visitor IP addresses.

How It Works

You will have been sent here by the Shield Security setup wizard to help the plugin decide how best to find visitor IP addresses.

Unfortunately determining visitor IP addresses is more of an art than a science… not all web servers are setup properly to provide PHP with the correct visitor IP.

So, while we can do it automatically and this works in the majority of cases, far more reliable is to have a real person (you) confirm it for us.

Here is how it works behind the scenes:

  1. You get your IP address on this page, which we know detects the visitor IP address correctly.
  2. You supply this IP address to the Shield Security plugin.
  3. The plugin will run through the list of all possible sources of IP addresses and it’ll try to find your IP on the list.
  4. If your IP is found, then we know that we’ve found a reliable source for IP addresses on your server. The plugin uses this source going forward.

And it’s as simple as that 🙂

All that’s left for you to do (if you haven’t already) is jump back to the wizard and copy-paste in your IP address.

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