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Disable XML-RPC & Anonymous REST API

Disable All Processing Of Unauthenticated REST API And XML-RPC Requests

Disabling requests to the REST API that aren't authenticated (i.e. username/password) eliminates abuse of the API. Disabling XML-RPC eliminates possible credential stuffing attacks and any XML-RPC attack vectors.

The REST API is a modern API protocol that comes activated on all WordPress sites. Use Shield to eliminate abuse of it. XML-RPC is an older API protocol that comes activated on all WordPress sites. There’s no good reason to leave XML-RPC attack vector lying open unless we really need to.

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Brute Force Protection

Brute Force Protection features prevent many different forms of attack on a site, including credential stuffing, Dictionary (Password) Attacks, Reverse Brute Force Attack, DoS attacks,

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Features here are stand-alone security components designed to lockdown your WordPress and reduce your surface area for attack.

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