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@kosis's Gravatar @kosis

Deep and reliable security, excellent support

2-year user, had a learning curve to set up this plugin, but plenty of explanations at the plugin site to initiate a user into its features (and there are many). If you are new to security plugins, you can take it slowly and learn from these articles — a useful…

@paudiefearon's Gravatar @paudiefearon

Simple and eficent

No issues with this plugin, really smart and updated regularly.

@eyalpour's Gravatar @eyalpour


i am very satisfied

@luizbills's Gravatar @luizbills

best security plugin

great job!

Don’t Know Where To Start?
Start With ShieldPRO

ShieldPRO is designed with you in-mind.

We know security can be daunting, and making the wrong choice has serious consequences.

Choosing ShieldPRO is your best option:

  • Immediate access to a support team that understands WordPress, Security, and You.
  • Provides immediate WordPress security protection as soon as you activate.
  • Access to a helpful community of other WordPress professionals
  • Highly configurable, yet simple to use.
  • You’re only notified if there’s an issue when Shield can’t solve the problem on its own i.e. no time-consuming interruptions from useless notifications when Shield is already smart enough to handle the problem.
What’s Included

ShieldPRO Features You’ll Absolutely love

Just a few of the exclusive security enhancements added to your WordPress site with ShieldPRO

The Most Powerful AntiBot Detection Engine available in any WordPress plugin

Automatic Malware Scanning and Repair

2-Factor Authentication – including Google Authenticator, Yubikey and Email

Limit Login Attempts / Block Automatic Brute-Force Bots – all automatically

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Version 11.2 Last Updated April 2021 WordPress Version 4.0 Tested up to 5.8 PHP Version 7.0
14 Day money back guarantee

We understand that sometimes you buy something and it’s not quite what you thought it was. We offer refunds within 14 days.

100% committed to your Security and Satisfaction

Payment details are secured with dedicated payment providers – your payment info is never sent to us.

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@richardevansleefemdomic's Gravatar

Thorough Protection

An excellent lean, lightweight full-featured security suite for WP. And you can’t argue with the price: free.

@earlmoore's Gravatar

Simple and it works

I’d tried some other security products for WordPress and while they worked they were too complicated and it seemed like there was additional overhead on the site performance. This plugin sets up quickly and works!…

@eimpacteric's Gravatar

Well done, my go-to security plugin

I use this plugin on all the sites in our agency. I appreciate how he feels about security and minimal hype. Feedback had been much better received than some I have communicated with. By nature,…

@tgandur's Gravatar


Very useful and affordable.

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