About The One Dollar Plugin

Who's behind it, and why did we make it?

Our Story and Why

Shield Security is designed to be the most powerful security plugin available for WordPress.

Shield takes a unique approach – one that focuses on helping you and your business be more successful while staying secure, without the management overhead.

We understand that ongoing security can be both time-consuming, and a little daunting.

We attempt to solve both of these problems with 2 key approaches:

1) Use intelligent software design to automate wherever possible.

By investing our resources into automated solutions your workload and security management overheads are greatly reduced.

If Shield already recognises a problem and knows how to mitigate it, then you, our Client, shouldn’t need to be involved in implementing protection or mitigation.

As example of this is our unique, completely automated, IP blocking engine that takes a points-based approach to IP reputation. By combining many different bot-signals that humans can’t reliably collate, Shield can block malicious bots before they can ever do any damage, all the while maintaining these large block lists with optimal performance.

2) Design innovative solutions that capture potential security incidents.

The key to great website security is not only in reducing the surface area of attack, but recognising that attacks and infiltration can happen, regardless. And it can happen in ways that have never been seen before.

Take ShieldPRO’s Malware scanner as an example. Shield doesn’t rely on a database of “known” signatures to detect malware. Instead it uses “patterns” that “look” like common malware code and scans your PHP files using this instead.

In this way, Shield can detect malware that has never been seen anywhere else before. It can recognise code as malware because of the approach it takes, not because it matches a known signature.

The team behind Shield Security take their own security, and yours, very seriously. Our goal is to become your security add-on team. You don’t need to have security expertise in-house, but instead add our security know-how, resources and expertise to your own.

Whichever security solution you choose for your WordPress sites, we wish you all the very best in your business and look forward to working together with you.

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